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TRACOR Tech Tips


AT TRACOR, we understand how confusing some of the new high-tech gadgets, computer systems, and Internet web sites can be.  This page should help you make some sense out of it all.  We will be updating this part of the site very often to help keep you and your systems in great working order.


A few things to keep in mind:


Keep the manufacturer's boxes for 90 days. If you need to return any defective products, having the original boxes can make the process much easier.  Also cut and keep your proof of purchase symbol for future upgrades.


Purchase an Anti-Virus program and keep it's virus definitions up to date, run a virus scan a least once a week.


Keep a note pad near your computer and write down all those weird error messages. If you're forced to call a tech support line, your notes could help reduce the amount of time you'll be on the phone.


Write down your passwords on a single sheet of paper that's kept in a hiding place away from your computer. (It's easier to remember the location of a sheet of paper than numerous passwords for countless websites.)


If your computer seems slow or isn't obedient, you may need more memory or a bigger hard drive.


Spyware and Adware has become almost unavoidable, but you can still take some preventative measures. For example, Ad-aware is a free program that helps find and rid your PC of Spyware/Adware.


Keep your operating system up to date by logging onto Microsoft's Windows Update, also download and install Microsoft's new Anti-Spyware program.


Be careful of opening emails, especially attached files from unknown sources.


Back up your data on a USB flash drive. It's the size of a key chain and can be plugged into any PC with a USB port.



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