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Web/Multimedia Development


Web Development


With all the costs involved in newspaper, radio, or magazine advertising for that one or two time shot at the public eye, you could have a permanent presence on the Internet all year round, have it updated as much as you need, all for the fraction of the cost of your yearly advertising.

TRACOR can help solve this problem. We have the skill and the experience to get your business on the World Wide Web. Professionally created web design, e-Commerce, and .ASP database applications, along with reliable hosting & email services you can depend on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All at the most reasonable prices in town!

At TRACOR, our highly skilled web designers and programmers RJ & Tamara take much pride in their work and will go the distance for you and your company. From the very start of getting together to discuss your web design options and features, to getting it up on-line for the world to see, our goal is to satisfy your every need as best we can. To achieve the best results possible is what we do here, nothing less. We hope your time with us will be beneficial, and once your website is complete that your company is thrilled with our work and feel comfortable with what we've done for you and your business.


Flash Development


TRACOR's highly skilled programmers RJ & Tamara will custom create a flash intro or website based upon your companies needs.  TRACOR can design a flash animation from the most simple introduction or side bar information to a full page layout with sound to dazzle the clients or customers that hit your site.



Multimedia Development

Today, your Social Media is crucial to business and business development.  TRACOR can assist with the many available and always updating, changing and evolving Social Media platforms.

YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Foursquare, tumbler, Snapchat, Reddit, are just a few of the most popular.

There are also a myriad of social media platforms that are industry specific. 

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